Phosht Character Summary


Male Skilled Human (Idrian); Duelist / Pistoleer
Menite (lapsed) Hero xx XP
135 lbs 5’ 1”

PHY 5 Spd 7 Str 4 AGL 5* Prw 4 Poi 4 INT 3 Arc Per 4

Willpower  8 (PHY + INT)
Defence 16 (Spd + AGL + Per + Racial + Equipment)
Armor 5 (PHY + Shield + Armor + Others)
Initiative 15 (Spd + Prw + Per + Equipment + Additional)
Command Range 3 (INT + Command Skill + Ability)


Repeater Pistols (2)        RNG xx feet / x” RAT x POW x

Combat style: …


Hand Weapon (Prw) 4 + 1 = 5
Pistol (Poi) 4 + 2 = 6


Benefits & Abilities

Archetype: Skilled (extra attack per round)
Exceptional Potential (+1 AGL added above*)
Fast Draw (+2 on initiative rolls, quick action to draw weapon)
Gunfighter (does not suffer –4 penalty on ranged attack rolls with pistols while engaged)
Parry (while armed with a hand weapon, the character cannot be targeted by free strikes)
Return Fire (when missed by a ranged attack, immediately after can make one attack)
Riposte (when missed by a melee attack, immediately after can make one attack)
Virtuoso: Pistol (roll extra die when attacking and choose best roll)

Connections: none
Languages: Cygnaran, another language


Money: 125gc

Ammo bandolier
Ammo wheel
20 ammunition shots
Repeating pistol (pair)

Design Notes

  • Need backstory of escape from Cephalic to explain odd outlook

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