Aeronaut Career


(Prerequisites: Dwarf, Human, Gobber, Swamp Gobber, Trollkin, or Pyg)


Starting Abilities and Skills

Abilities: Fearless*, Steady
Military Skills: Thrown Weapon 1, and either Hand Weapon 1 or Pistol 1

Occupational Skills: Climbing 1 or Jumping 1, Navigation 1, Piloting** 1, and Rope Use 1

Starting Assets

50 gc, balloonist’s kit**, collapsible spyglass, goggles

Aeronaut Abilities: Acrobatics, Bomber, Expert Pilot**, Fearless*, Hit the Deck, Languages, Specialisation (grappling pistol*), Steady
Aeronaut Connections: Connections (aeronaut crew)

Aeronaut Military Skills: Hand Weapon 3, Pistol 3, Thrown Weapon 4.

Aeronaut Occupational Skills: Climbing 2, Craft (any) 2, Jumping 3, General Skills 4, Navigation 4, Piloting 4, Rope Use 4, Survival 2

* denotes Abilities or Skills from Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed or a supplement
denotes a new Ability, Skill or Item detailed below on this blog

A fearless sailor of the skies, the aeronaut is relatively rare still in Western Immoren and considered somewhat crazed by the majority of land and even sea based individuals.

Playing an Aeronaut: Choose the Aeronaut career if you want to play a daring acrobat that takes to the skies in experimental vehicles. As a very distinct role utilising optional and unofficial rules, the Aeronaut may not fit every campaign. In a variant campaign focused on exploration and travel however, the Aeronaut’s breadth of skills and access to air travel will make him a vital member of any adventuring company.

A Skilled Aeronaut-Explorer partly offsets the Aeronaut’s poor combat skills and synergises with the Explorer expertise with the wilds and its creatures. An Aeronaut-Alchemist on the other hand makes for an excellent bomber in more military oriented campaigns, although a Aeronaut-Rifleman sniper also has significant military potential. 


Expert Pilot

Prerequisite: Piloting 2
The character can reroll failed Piloting rolls. Each roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Expert Pilot. This character cannot be knocked down while this character is piloting his vehicle.


Piloting (Agility)

The character understands the ins and outs of balloons, airships and zepellins. The character does not need to make a skill roll unless the weather is dangerous, he needs to avoid an accidental collision, or is otherwise performing a hazardous maneuver.

Untrained Piloting: Without the proper strength, skill, and understanding, a character is as likely to hinder any piloting efforts as to help them. Piloting cannot be used untrained.

Piloting Rolls: When a character needs to perform a difficult maneuver, make an AGL + Piloting roll against a target number set by the Game Master to determine if the roll is a success. The following table offers some guidelines for Piloting target numbers.

The Game Master should determine what modifiers affect the roll. The Sailing chart on page 191 of the IKRPG Corebook offers sample target number modifiers that can be adapted easily for Piloting rolls.

Assisted Piloting Rolls: When working as a team to sail an airship, the players must select one character to captain their efforts. For each character trained in Piloting (including any non-player aeronauts, add 1 to the captain’s result.

Note that many larger airships are impossible to fly successfully without a crew.


Balloonist’s Kit

Cost: 75 gc
Description: This is a heavy wooden box or leather pouch belt stuffed with the tools of the aeronaut’s trade, similar to a mechanik’s kit. It contains not only spanners, pliers, cleats, lengths of cord but also sewing materials such as patches of leather, needles and sinew for running repairs on air bladders.


Design Notes

My initial thoughts were to just model this on a Sailor career and change Sailing to Piloting, but surprisingly there isn’t actually a definite “Sailor” career, let alone a “Riverboat Captain” or similar archetype in the IKRPG – there’s the Pirate of course, but that is more martial than I wanted so I stripped out some of the more martial skills, basing this build more on the Thief and Tinker.

Converting some of the Rider and Sailing related Abilities was an option but most of the obvious choices related to the aeronaut’s need for bravery and nimbleness. As a final touch, excluding the larger and less technologically adept races (Bogrin, Bog Trog, Farrow, Gatormen, Iosan, Nyss, Ogrun, Skorne, Tharn) was simple enough but Trollkin required some consideration before inclusion.


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