Design Notes: IKRPG2 “The Gauntlet” conversion

Location: a mountainous pass on the border of Khador (and/or Cygnar), possibly near skorne-held territories or near lands controlled by a trollkin kriel.  Given the potential for multiple factions, somewhere within the eastern half of Umbrey may be most appropriate.

The Story: can remain relatively unchanged, a cowardly outcast discovers a powerful artefact that allows him to dominate a band of brigands and seize a watchtower from a local human country (Khador or Cygnar)

Opponents: the closest correlate to a gnoll is probably a farrow, although trollkin may be a reasonable substitute race for the brigands depending on the context – use Battle NPC versions or Modified Antagonist and the various templates applied for variety. Adding some of the military equipment such as rifles or shields from the defeated Khadoran Ironfang guards of the garrison provides some additional unique flavour.

The opposing army of hobgoblins could be bogrin (but in lore these are not as organised or as interesting), another farrow tribe, a trollkin kriel seeking revenge, or even perhaps a skorne detachment. The giant two-headed troll correlates probably with a common troll or brute boar rather than a dire troll or similar.

The ogrillon may be best represented in lore by a trollkin rather than the similarly named ogrun given the honour code of the IK ogrun is at odds with the cowardly and weak-willed antagonist portrayed. Likewise the secondary antagonist, the fire giant, has no direct correlate but some form of IK:Unleashed warbeast may correlate depending on the exact nature of the besieging force e.g. a pyre dire troll or giant hog, a Bloodstone Marches creature or converted and salvaged laborjack possibly.

The Gauntlet: fits best as an ancient Orgoth artifact rather than a mechanikal device, at least in terms of its basic properties but there is no direct magical correlate to the gem triggered prison plane travel effect. The possession and corruption effect may be modelled similar to the Fellblades of the Doom Reavers (see page 184-185 IKRPG Bk2).

The regeneration power, shocking grasp effect, Cha 18 effect for evil creatures and automaton-like resistance to mind control have reasonable correlates:

  • Revitalize Ability (page 116 IKRPG)
  • Electrify Spell (page 238 IKRPG)
  • Rallying Cry +/- Natural Leader
  • Fearless Ability (page xxx IKRPG Bk2)

Perhaps protection form normal missiles is more difficult and may be better presented by an ARM bonus or a form of Heroic Dodge feat that works only against ranged attacks and does not cost of feat point. The increase in level effect is best represented by a straight increase in base stats with corresponding increase in Vitality and combat statistics.

The Sentinel: works better as an archaic mechanikal device as “conventional” magic items are in short supply other than aright artifacts, and an Orgoth artefact doesn’t really make sense overall.

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