Suicide Squad, Immoren style…

So I just saw DC’s Suicide Squad the other week – a throughly enjoyable experience and it got me to wondering how an Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed campaign might work along similar lines. Take a band of criminals and misfits, commissioned by the Cygnaran military as a special mission squad against the forces of the wilderness or Skorne.

Then I thought, what would the IKRPG correlates for the various squad members be…

  • Colonel Richard Flag: Cunning male Caspian Military Officer / Soldier leader
  • (Katana): Skilled female Nyss Monster Hunter / Ryssovass bodyguard
  • Floyd “Deadshot” Lawton: Skilled male Laelese Pistoleer / Rifleman mercenary
  • Quinzel: Cunning female Skorne Ascetic / Blood Runner assassin
  • Waylon: Mighty male Gatorman Berserker / Warrior pugilist
  • “Captain” Harkness: Cunning male Farrow Brigand / Cutthoat knife thrower
  • (El Diablo): Gifted male Sulese Priest (Menite) / Sorceror (Fire) exile
  • (Enchantress): Gifted female Tharn Blood Weaver / Shaman (Devourer Worm) witch



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