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To Ride the Whirlwind…

I’ve added a short article to the Mythic Arabia section, an idea that didn’t make the final cut of The Cradle and the Crescent. It’s based on an image of a Bedouin warrior riding into battle atop a whirlwind, a style of cavalry appropriate in theme for the area.

Follow the link for details of an example of a Magic Saddle used to ride jinn.

There is no Mythic India, there is only al-Hind

SindhTransoxbordersmapThe land of Al-Hind, on the far banks of the great river Indus, is mentioned briefly in The Cradle and the Crescent as a possible destination of merchants, the source of over-sized fantastic elephants and a place of many other marvels. There are vague references to the Mythic Muslim holdings of al-Sindh on the near banks of the Indus but much of this material was later cut.

Mythic India is deliberately not mentioned.

This is because it does not exist.

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Have you seen my Saluqi?

Saluqi Callgraphy (Taha al-Hiti 2009)

I’ve just added a short page detailing saluqi, the noble Arabian hound, and some other ideas for dogs and their image in areas under the sway of Mythic Islam. Unlike Mythic Europe, where dogs are treated as valued companions, in the Mythic Levant and the Mythic Middle East the dog is considered an unclean animal and generally reviled.

The only exception to this is the Bedouin hound known as the saluqi, which is afforded high status and even allowed to sleep in the tent of its master.

The section contains the expanded statistics for saluqi that were cut from the final draft of The Cradle and the Crescent, page 104, for space reasons and some other hound variants.

Sirocco the Magical Camel

“Moorish Warrior”. From: Stanley and the White Heroes in Africa (etc.) (H. B. Scammel, 1890). Wikimedia Commons. Public domain on account of age.

One of the parts I enjoy most about writing for Ars Magica is the research – it’s an opportunity to learn new things and explore the potential of novel ideas.  For example, I’ve learnt quite a lot more than I ever thought I would about camels while writing The Cradle and the Crescent – they’re quite interesting beasts, although I must say they’re not particularly likeable up close in real life!

See here for ideas on ways to use camels as magical mounts for Hermetic magi, sahir or other Mythic Levantine and Middle Eastern characters – in particular I discuss a simple conversion of Aeolus the Magical Horse into Sirocco the Magical Camel. Fortunately camels and coursers (the standard riding horse of Mythic Europe) are similar in Size so the conversion between them is relatively simple and opens up a whole lot of possibilities with relatively little work needed.

There are links to some internet articles on camels in the Mythic Arabia section.