With Thanks to…

I’ve found the following people inspirational, immensely helpful or both. I note I have yet to meet any of them outside of the virtual collective that comprises the online Ars Magica community but that does not make me feel any less grateful.

Timothy Ferguson, one of the most prolific contributors to the line, encouraged me to contribute to the fanzines and make something more of my writing than a hobby. If not for Timothy I would never have made the plunge. I’m a big fan of his style and ideas for the line, judging my own contributions against the high standard he sets – perhaps some day I will equal them. I’ve learnt a lot from studying Timothy’s work and its been a privilege to work with him on an upcoming supplement. His current blog “Games From Folktales” is the model for this website and contains a slew of insights into his writing process which I’ve found very illuminating. Hopefully any homage herein is thereby flattering.

Niall Christie has always offered both encouragement and technical expertise on Arabic terms freely and without reservation. I have Niall to thank for suggesting me as a potential author for The Cradle and the Crescent based on a fanzine article and a submission to his Ars Magica website.  ArM4 Blood and Sand (and its various PDF and web supplements) remains a great favourite of mine, even though I am at least partly responsible for invalidating much of his work through the supplement he invited me to work on. He has kindly agreed to allow me to host some of his supplementary ArM4 material and ArM5 concepts here on my blog. Most importantly, through sharing a passion for Levantine Ars Magica stories, I seem to have found a friend on the other side of the world, for which I am very grateful.

David Chart, the current ArM5 line editor, has been nothing but supportive and encouraging along the way. I’ve really learnt a lot from David, about writing and editing in general and not just about Ars Magica, for which I am very thankful. I check David’s occasional blog¬†periodically as given he’s a trained philosopher, he also has some very interesting ideas about life outside of Ars Magica.

Other honourable mentions include various co-authors in no particular order: Erik Dahl (for creating the most amazing hedge-wizrds ever), Ben MacFarland (for rescuing a seemingly doomed project from development hell), CJ Romer (for his indefatigability), and Mark Shirley (for just being amazingly helpful). To all the other line authors who I’ve (yet) to collaborate on, I thank you for creating such a wonderful world in which to try out my ideas.

On a personal note I’d like to thank Mark Faulkner (aka Marko Markoko on the Atlas Forums) for being well… for just being Marko. May the Light of Andorra shine forever in our hearts!


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