GDW’s Twilight 2k

GDW’s Twilight: 2000 was a complex game, and one definitely a product of its era – an era which has thankfully now passed, perhaps only to be replaced by challenges and conflict just as concerning.

Most of my recent T2k v2.2 material is hosted over at my Blogger site: The Ranting Savant, specifically I wrote a series of weekly or more frequent articles from about October 2018 to May 2019 that you can find in the monthly archives or alternatively just use this handy Twilight: 2000 Index I’ve created instead.


Older T2k Articles found on this site





See this link for the Fair Use Policy for FFE (Far Future Enterprises) which currently holds the copyright for GDW’s games. Unless noted otherwise, this applies for all relevant material on this website, which is designed for non-commercial usage.

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