Sgt. Jack “Jarkman” DeVries

37 year old Male American forger / explosives specialist

The Twilight War’s version of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tropic Thunder character, perhaps lacking the pigmentation alteration but channeling Old Man Henderson, and never without an obligatory half-chewed cigar. 


Weight: 88kg Load: 39kg Rads: 40


Init: x +1 Melee: 3 Throw: 28
Head: 12 Chest: 39 Abdo: 26 
R Arm: 26 L Arm: 26 R Leg: 26 L Leg: 26


STR Armed Martial Arts 0
STR Autogun 0
STR Grenade Launcher 3
STR Small Arms: Pistol 1
STR Small Arms: Rifle 6
STR Thrown Weapon 1
STR Unarmed Martial Arts 4

CON Combat Engineer 3
CON Riding 1
CON Swimming 2

AGL Forgery 3
AGL Ground Vehicle: Wheeled 4
AGL Intrusion 1
AGL Tac Missile 0

CHA English 10
CHA Russian 4

INT Farming 2
INT Survival 2

EDU Construction 1
EDU Excavation 1


Allowance: $15k spent
Gold Pieces:

Armor: Kevlar Helmet & Kevlar Vest

Basic Load (US): US army fatigues, pack, shelter half, gas mask, combat webbing (ALICE); sleeping bag, flashlight, personal medical kit, thermal US army fatigues –15kg

Weapon: Semi-automatic shotgun with modified M203 fitted beneath
– 6 x 12 gauge magazines (7 brass rounds each) + 180 loose 12 gauge brass rounds
– 12 40mm HE grenades / 4 40mm ILLUM grenades / 4 40mm CHEM grenades


6 frag grenades
2 HC smoke grenades
4 irritant gas grenades

0.5km Hand radio
Lockpick tools
4x binoculars

Pack Mule, “Annie” with Cart

Hits: 40 Meat: 70 kg
Tr Mov: 20/20 (Cart 5) Com Mov: 10/20 (Cart 2)/40 (Cart na)
Feed: 10kg + graze Load: 80kg + 0.5 ton Weight: 300kg  + 0.25 ton

Pack saddle, horse tack

10kg MRE food
70kg wild food

1 case 12 gauge (240 brass rounds)

1 case 40mm HE grenades (60 grenades left)
1 case 40mm CHEM grenades (40 grenades left)
1 case 40mm ILLUM grenades (40 grenades left)

1 case frag grenades (30 grenades)
1 case HC smoke grenades (16 grenades)
1 case irritant gas grenades (12 grenades left)

60mm Mortar disassembled into 3 sections
– 12 60mm HE mortar rounds
– 12 60mm ILLUM mortar rounds
– 12 60mm WP mortar rounds

Engineer’s Demolitions Kit
– 1 case of dynamite (100 sticks)
– 1 case of plastic explosive (20 blocks)
– 1 case of 2 anti-tank mines
– 1 case of 6 directional mines

Design Notes

Concept: a cranky bastard that blows things up a lot.

Background: I always create a variant of Jarkman for every game system, partly out of nostalgia but also to familiarise myself with the mechanics of character creation. In most incarnations he has a stubborn mule companion or equivalent. The original Jarkman was actually created as a 3E Planescape harquebuser and had a pack diakka.

Role: demolitions and (indirect) fire support as required. There’s nothing particularly subtle about his role but in-effect his specialty is breaking up groups or tactically altering the battlefield with grenades or mortar fire. A secondary (close-combat) fighter, his support roles include backup driver and forging official documents and orders.

Variant: a sneakier version with better proficiency with his mandatory hatchet would require refocusing on Ranger terms, which he is technically eligible. This would increase his stealth and close-combat ability but at the expense of demolitions and grenade skills -he’s cunning to be sure but it’s just not really the loudmouthed character I envisage.

Method: 32 point allocation
 Init rolled as 4 +1 for Criminal; Rads rolled a 4; -1 AGL due to age
5 Terms:
2 x Criminal (no prison); 1 Enlisted Infantry, 2 x Combat Engineer)
Secondary Activities: Russian, Russian; STR+1, Swimming, Riding
Promotions: 5th (Sergeant, Combat Engineer)
Contacts: 2 criminal (1 foreign), 2 military, 1 specialist (Combat Engineer)

Equipment: Semiautomatic shotgun as personal weapon with custom fitted M203 beneath. Hatchet instead of bayonet.

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