Kpt. Alexei “Sice” Kerensky


41 year old Male Russian medical officer 

Think “Bones” McCoy, but think it in Russian and without the Vulcan slander.


Weight: 80 kg Load: 33 kg Rads: 16


Init: 4 Melee: 0 Throw: 16 m
Head: 14 Chest: 33 Abdo: 22 
R Arm: 22 L Arm: 22 R Leg: 22 L Leg: 22


STR Autogun 0
STR Grenade Launcher 0
STR Small Arms: Pistol 2
STR Thrown Weapon 1
STR Unarmed Martial Arts 1

CON Swimming 1

AGL Ground Vehicle: Wheeled 2

CHA English 6
CHA German 4
CHA Russian 10
CHA Leadership 3
CHA Persuasion 1

INT Observation 4

EDU Biology 3
EDU Chemistry 5
EDU Computer 3
EDU Medical: Surgery 13


Allowance: $18,000
Gold Pieces:

PM Makarov Pistol

Design Notes

Concept: a pacifist Soviet medico educated and trained in East Germany with a fondness for the West and a pacifist streak, Dr “Sice” has been marooned in southern Poland with “B-Troop” as the Soviet 129th MRD he was attached is in the process of disintegrating bands of ruthless marauders. Seeing he is sorely needed by both the villagers of Dobridzien and the refugee Americans, he has agreed to help Capt Warren protect the community by serving as chief surgeon and translator.

Role: a superb medic but poorly capable and somewhat unwilling combatant, his language and observation skills make him valuable beyond his surgical role. There is enough justification for his inclusion in an “away team“, although if he is injured or killed this risks his vital support role. Regardless it will be with definite reluctance on his part!

Escape from Kalisz variant: for a alternate US 5th Division American MD character rather than the “Soviet defector” character for a “B-Troop” campaign start, flip the Languages to English 10 and either German 8 or Russian 8, dropping the other one, adding another level in Computer to 4. Add back in the missing US basic training military skills: Armed Martial Arts 0 and Tac Missile 0. Increase to Ground Vehicle: Wheeled 3. Change his weapon to an M9 pistol, although he is similarly loathe to use it.

Method: 32 point allocation
Comments: Init roll 4, Rads roll 2; no loss of STR or AGL for age; joins army as officer
Background: English x2, German, Ground Vehicle: Wheeled 
6 Term(s):
Undergraduate, Medical School, 2x Medical Doctor, 2x Officer (Doctor)
Secondary Activities: English x2, German, Observation x2, CON+1
Promotions: 3rd (na, Computer), 6th (Captain, Leadership)
Contacts: 1 academic, 5 medical (2 foreign), 2 military
(Note as a Russian character, default contacts are Soviet)

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