Spec. 4 Desmond “Deacon” James


33 year old Male (Irish) American

“I like big butts guns, and I cannot lie…”, with apologies to Sir MixaLot circa 1991
Think Mac Eliot from the Predator film or even HWG from TF2, but think him Irish.


STR 10 CON 4 AGL 8 EDU 4 CHA 4 INT 4
Weight: 88 kg Load: 42 kg Rads: 12


Init: 3 Melee: 5 Throw: 40 m
Head: 8 Chest: 42 Abdo: 28 
R Arm: 28 L Arm: 28 R Leg: 28 L Leg: 28


STR Armed Martial Arts 0
STR Autogun 5
STR Grenade Launcher 1
STR Heavy Gun 2
STR Mechanic 1
STR Small Arms: Rifle 2
STR Thrown Weapon 1
STR Unarmed Martial Arts 5

CON Climbing 2
CON Small  Watercraft 2
CON Swimming 3

AGL Ground Vehicle: Tracked 2
AGL Ground Vehicle: Wheeled 1
AGL Gunsmith 4
AGL Machinist 3
AGL Tac Missile 0

CHA English 10

INT Survival 3

EDU Electronics 1
EDU Metallurgy 1


Allowance: $8600
Gold Pieces:

Basic Load (US): US army fatigues, pack, shelter half, gas mask, combat webbing (ALICE); sleeping bag, flashlight, personal medical kit, thermal US army fatigues.

Armor: Kevlar Helmet & Kevlar (Ballistic Nylon) Vest

Weapon: M60 Machinegun with included bipod / NLT 
6 x belted 100 7.62N rounds, 180 loose 7.62N ounds


6 frag grenades
2 smoke grenades


NATO Medium Tripod

Design Notes

Concept: a big Irish guy that is really good with big guns. Pretty simple really.

Role: this character is a heavy grunt / human tank, able of withstanding a high amount of punishment and deal out a great deal of damage in return, accessing various heavy and vehicle mounted weapons (such as a M214 6-Pac gatling) or even just his body. Secondary role is as a gunsmith, although can be a backup driver or operate small boats effectively.

Variant: a less versatile variant able to use Tac missiles might be an option by trading Armor for Infantry but at the loss of overall effectiveness given the rarity of TOWs and the like in the post Twilight War setting.

Method: 32 point allocation
Comments: Init roll 6/2 = 3 (reserve), Rad roll 2; active reservist grants Autogun +1
Background: Survival, Small Watercraft, Unarmed Martial Arts x2
4 Term(s):
Technical College, 2x Armor, Factory Worker (active)
Secondary Activities: STR +2, Climbing, Swimming / Survival
Promotions: none
Contacts: 1 specialist (Gunsmith), 2 military, 1 business

Equipment: consider upgrade M60 to MAG.

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