Derived Summary of “Pirates of the Vistula” Encounters

The following summarises the set locations along the Wisla as particular encounter types, bold indicating “mandatory” encounters of which there are 7 (not counting the embarkation and destination points). A brief summary and suggested timeline, based on average cruising speed allowing for interruptions (5-7kph with tow, 2 periods or 8 hours travel per day) is presented.

Section One (Nowy Huta to Wisloka River, pages 14-18)

Suggested Timeline: Day 1 & 2

This section is ~100km and can be traversed in 2 days easily at standard cruising speed, the only mandatory encounter is the partially collapsed bridge near Szczucin. From a narrative sense this section is an introduction or prelude to the main riverine challenges, allowing the characters to settle in to life aboard the river barge.

  • Nowy Huta (embarkation point*)
  • Niepolomice (riverbank location)
  • Uscie Solne (riverbank location, abandoned)
  • Dunajec River (tributary)
  • Nidia River / Nowy Korczyn (tributary / inland location)
  • Bridge at Szczucin (barrier)
  • Wisloka River / Gawluszowice (tributary / riverbank location)

+ 4 rolls on the specific Random Encounters table except the Galuszowice table
+ additional rolls if the party spends time exploring the banks

Section Two (Wisloka River to San River, pages 19-23)

Suggested Timeline: Day 3 & 4

This short section is only ~60km and could be traversed in only a day easily if it were not for the armed marauders encamped at the narrowed stretch near Tarnobrzeg and the fortified road bridge at Sandomierz – see “War of the Bandit Kings”, page 23. This forms the proper 1st Act, with possible later consequences.

  • Baranow Sandomierski (riverbank location)
  • Tarnobrzeg (narrows)
  • Sandomierz (riverbank location)
    • Sandomierz Boatyard (dock)
    • Sandomierz Bridge (bridge)

+ 1 roll on the Galuszowice table from the previous section and 1 roll on the Baranow Sandomierski table or general table if traveling at standard cruising speed
+ additional rolls if the party spends time exploring the banks or dealing with the bandits

See this annotated map for further details: Upper Vistula Annotated Map (West)

Section 3 (San River to Deblin, pages 24 to 30)

Suggested Timeline: Day 5 & 6

This longer section of ~100km is less hazardous than the prior section and forms an interlude between the “Bandit Kings” and the inevitable confrontation with the Korsarz. Checkpoints and military presence is greater in this area however and assing Piotrowin may trigger the attention of the Polish authorities inland at Lublin, potentially adding a significant shore based “side trek” to Act 2 of the cruise if desired. Alternatively, this may be a good section for Uller to try and convince the characters of the merits of his plan.

  • Annopol (bridge)
  • Jozefow (riverbank location)
  • Piotrowin (riverbank location)
  • Solec (riverbank location)
  • Wreck of the Rzeka Ksiezna (wreck)
  • Deblin / Wieprz River (bridge / tributary)

+4 rolls on the specific encounter tables
+ additional rolls if the party spends time exploring the banks while salvaging the Ksiezna for parts to repair the Krolowa or escaping from the Polish forces around Lublin

Note: one random encounter labelled as “Convoy-1” (page 25-26), potentially triggered at Annopol bridge involving a Soviet military convoy traveling westwards is a rich enough encounter in itself to deserve mention and override the somewhat lacklustre default “bridge” encounter with the Russian thugs at Annopol.

This section also has the following inland locations that may be visited depending on events involving Polish forces at or near Piotrowin and Deblin. Detouring inland to this extent may add several days to the journey, effectively acting as an “alternate channel” if the Krolowa continues along the Wisla for a rendevousz downstream.

  • Krasnik (inland location)
  • Lublin (inland location)
  • Palawy (inland location)

Section 4 (Deblin to Warsaw, pages 31 to 35)

Suggested Timeline: Day 7 to 10

This section of 100km is the setting for the final Act of the adventure effectively, one which inevitably involves dealing with the Korsarz and the Miasto and resolving the situation one way or the other. The swamp section with its mud flats and sand bars, while only 25km in length, effectively takes a day to traverse in the Krolowa and acts as a deterrent to fleeing back upstream from the Pirate Fleet, encouraging resolution.

  • Bagno Maciejowice (barrier)
  • Gora Kalwaria (riverbank location)
  • Otwock (tributary)
    • Korsarz fleet (barrier)
  • Miasto Plywajecy Warsawskie (boats)
  • Warsaw (destination*)

+2 encounters from the Bagno Maciejowice table
+ additional rolls from the general encounter table with the substitution of various “Boat” type encounters with elements of the Korsarz fleet

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