Pre-generated Characters (Twilight: 2000 v1)

Unfortunately the original boxed set of T2k v1.0 does not come with any pre-generated characters, although the in-game fiction clearly references individuals of the former US 5th Division (Mechanised) and refers to these characters in examples used to illustrate aspects of the rules.

The following characters of the “3rd Battalion, 143rd Infantry 2nd Brigade, 5th Division (Mechanised)” are mentioned, along with several of their relevant V1.0 statistics:

  • “Monk”, sergeant, TOT 72 (EDU 8, INT 11), Time 24 months, Age 20, Coolness 2
  • The Major, veteran, possible Age <50
  • Carson, the Major’s driver / crack rifle shot CRM 77
  • Gordon, engineer
  • Anderson, “top” ie. sergeant, Time 73 months, EDU 9, Age 46
  • Wood, medic; pre-med student ie. high EDU
  • Jones, Welsh machine-gunner, speaks Polish and German
  • Bobbi Lee, ranger / recon; STR 12 STA 7, BC 75
  • Griffith, master scrounger

V2.2 Note: I’ve linked some of the characters to my concept of what their v2.2 character summaries might look like.

V1.0 Design N0tes

Apart from Monk (Vehicle Mechanic), Gordon (Combat Engineer), Wood (Combat Medic) and Bobbi-Lee (Ranger: Infantryman), the remaining characters presumably belong to the Infantry branch and are general Infantrymen. Only the Major and perhaps Wood are seemingly officers, and the latter is speculative.

It’s possible using Jarkman’s T2k v1 Character Worksheet Calculator to derive most of Monk’s relevant abilities and derived characteristics readily, but extra skills (M:280, E:160, B:300) and specific equipment (value of up to $12,000) are left to be determined.

For other characters, a short hand “purchase” system for Abilities based on a fixed TOT vs MEB sum can be utilised (as MEB = (120-TOT)/7) – essentially there is a choice to be made along a scale between highly able, “Novice” younger characters with limited military experience, skills  and equipment (TOT 72, MEB 7) versus older “Veteran” characters with lower initial ability scores but higher military experience, more skill proficiency and better equipment(TOT 54, MEB 9).

For example: Monk likely reflects an average or “Novice” character with a TOT of 72 and MEB of 7, which would be considered the default choice for a purchase point derived character. This correlates with the NPC levels with suggested statistics presented in the core rules: “Veteran” (Skill 50, Attribute 9, Coolness 2), “Experienced” (Skill 40, Attribute 10, Coolness 4) and “Novice” (Skill 20, Attribute 12, Coolness 6). A fourth ranking, “Elite” (Skill 60, Attribute 8, Coolness 0) is also potentially available.

So Wood would also be a Novice (just out of premed school), whereas the Major and Anderson would both be Veterans, leaving Bobbi-LeeJones, Gordon and/or Griffiths may well be Experienced characters.

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