Spec. 4 Bobbi Lee (v2.2)


29 year old Female American scout 

“Bobbi Lee joined up with us back around Frankfurt-on-the-Oder and she’s walked point ever since. The major says he’s never seen anyone with an eye for an ambush like she has. Well, he’s seen more than I have. All I know is that we’ve never gotten cracked with Bobbi Lee on point. She says it’s because her brothers used to take her coon hunting. Maybe. But I’ve got a feeling that Ranger scroll on her shoulder has something to do with it.”


Weight: 73 kg Load: 33 kg Rads: 24


Init: 4 Melee: 3 Throw: 32 m
Head: 10 Chest: 39 Abdo: 26 
R Arm: 26 L Arm: 26 R Leg: 26 L Leg: 26


STR Armed Martial Arts 0
STR Autogun 0
STR Grenade Launcher 0
STR Small Arms: Rifle 4
STR Thrown Weapon 1
STR Unarmed Martial Arts 4

CON Parachute 2
CON Swimming 1

AGL Ground Vehicle: Wheeled 1
AGL Stealth 6
AGL Tac Missile 0

CHA English 10

INT Observation 8
INT Survival 2
INT Tracking 4


Allowance: $14500 
Gold Pieces:

Basic Load (US): US army fatigues, pack, shelter half, gas mask, combat webbing (ALICE); sleeping bag, flashlight, personal medical kit, thermal US army fatigues.

Armor: Kevlar Helmet & Kevlar Vest

Weapon: M16A2 assault rifle
6 x 5.56N 30-round magazines, 180 loose 5.56N rounds


6 frag grenades
2 smoke grenades

Cache / Pack Animal / Vehicle

Equipment that cannot be reasonably carried

Design Notes

Concept: a good ole southern girl that can spot a coin at 1000 yards

Background: Bobbi Lee is one of the original Play Manual example characters and used to illustrate similar examples in T2k v2.2. She’s note as being a ranger, excellent at detecting ambushes and uses a M16A2

Role: primary wilderness scout and “point” due to high Observation / Tracking and INT, she guarantees automatic success for all but the hardest ambush or encounter rolls.  However, rather than just be a “hand wave” of the mechanic, is valid in a secondary role being as a striker / sniper and support combatant.

“B-Troop” Variant: minimal changes required other than cosmetic or flavour, this build can be shifted to another nationality with minimal change except for loss of the extra base US skills and starting load.

Method: 32 point allocation method
Comments: Init roll 4
Background: Survival, Tracking x2, Unarmed Martial Arts
3 Term(s):
Ranger x3
Secondary Activities: Observation x3
Promotions: nil
Contacts: 3 military (no foreign)

Equipment: standard loadout.

“One day everyone was out foraging, except for me. I was working on the LAV-25’s trans- mission. The story of my life. First thing I know there’s this Hungarian sergeant leaning under the LAV-25 and sticking a Makarov in my face. Beats me what he was doing this far north, but he was pretty skinny and raggedy looking, so I figure he was probably a deserter. Well, I was tired of working on the LAV-25 anyway. so I crawled out and stood up.

About then Bobbi Lee got back to camp, and I guess she wasn’t expecting trouble, because it’s the only time I’ve ever seen her surprised. She dropped her M16,but then the Hungarian looked back at me. Wrong move. BobbiLee kicked him. She kicked him in the HEAD. She kicked him so hard she broke his neck. This I do not believe she learned coon hunting with her brothers.”

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