Sgt “Monk” (v2.2)


21 year old Male American “grease-monkey”

“Me, I’m a grease monkey. That’s why they call me “Monk” – I keep the Hum Vee purring and the LAV-25 limping along (so far). I guess I’ve always love engines, which is why I’m so good at them…” T2k v1.0 Play Manual, page 7.


Weight: 72 kg Load: 33 kg Rads: 30


Init: 5 Melee: x Throw: 28 m
Head: 8 Chest: 33 Abdo: 22 
R Arm: 22 L Arm: 22 R Leg: 22 L Leg: 22


STR Armed Martial Arts 0
STR Autogun 0
STR Grenade Launcher 0
STR Mechanic 2
STR Small Arms: Rifle 2
STR Thrown Weapon 1
STR Unarmed Martial Arts 2

CON Swimming 2

AGL Ground Vehicle: Wheeled 3
AGL Tac Missile 0

CHA English 10

INT Survival 1

EDU Computer 1


Allowance: $1700
Gold Pieces:

Basic Load (US): US army fatigues, pack, shelter half, gas mask, combat webbing (ALICE); sleeping bag, flashlight, personal medical kit, thermal US army fatigues. – 10.5kg

Armor: Kevlar Helmet & Kevlar (Ballistic Nylon) Vest – 4.5kg

Weapon: M177 carbine with bayonet (5.56N 5 3 1-Nil 3/4 20/30 3 7 40)
– 6 x  5.56N 30-round magazines, 180 loose 5,56N rounds

1 case 5.56N (840 rounds, 28 30-round magazines)

6 frag grenades
2 smoke grenades

Basic Tool Kit, Wheeled Vehicle Tools, Tracked Vehicle Tools
1/6km Manpack / Vehicular Radio – 5kg


Small alcohol still – 70kg

Design Notes

Concept: a cheerful rookie that loves cars.

Background: “Monk” (no other name given) is based on the T2k v1.0 example character in the narrative of the Play Manual, although few exact details are given except for his attribute TOT (72, so equivalent to 36 in v2.2) with a an INT of 11 and EDU of 8 (so 6 and 4 respectively), a remarkably low “Coolness Under Fire” (so assume an Init roll of 6), his relatively young age, and his limited combat experience (24 months). He’s technically capable of being an officer (as his INT + EDU is 7+) but is described as being a sergeant in TK2 v1.0, which is just possible in the later rules, although this assumes the player rolled a 6 at the end of his first and only term.

Role: Essentially this is a very green / “Novice” level support character, this build is fairly one-dimensional – he’s a decent mechanic and capable driver but not very skilled at much else except standing watch while the grunts sleep. Lacking depth, he may be better used as a somewhat just more than generic background NPC to streamline play.

“B-Troop” Variant: adding at least another term in Support Services or a civilian Mechanic or Truck Driver term before he enlists is probably necessary to give this stock character enough distinction. He’s otherwise not interesting enough to be a viable player character option and becomes just a meta-game justification for either ignoring maintenance checks or explaining who is driving while everyone else is firing weapons from a moving vehicle. Switching his background to West German or Austrian necessitates only flipping his language and dropping Armed Martial Arts and Tac Missile but Computer and Swimming should be dropped to allow for English 2. His weapon then shifts to a G11 sub-machinegun. Add an over-sized wrench as a club because he’s a mechanic right?

See also: Otto “Gobby” Wodak

Method: 36 point roll (based on TOT 72 from T2k v1.0)
Comments: Init rolled as 6 -1 for Support Services; Rads rolled 3.
Background: Computer, Ground Vehicle: Wheeled, Swimming, Unarmed Martial Arts
1 Term: Support Arm 
Secondary Activities: Survival
Promotions: Sergeant (1st term)
Contacts: 1 military

Equipment: just the basics really. The extra allowance is probably best contributed to fuel, extra tools and/or a cargo or tanker trailer, given his overall support role.

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