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Unboxing Provence via Glass

So Ben MacFarland (one of the US based ArM5 line authors) presented the authors of Faith and Flame with a bit of a present today – he used his Google Glass to record the “unboxing” of his newly arrived copies and flicked through them slowly so the non-US authors (CJ and me basically) could have a look at the artwork. You can’t see the actual text clearly so it’s apparently legit from Atlas Games’ point of view but you can make out the layout.

I’m very thankful to Ben for his efforts – simply put the maps (by Matt Ryan) are amazing and I particularly enjoyed the artwork in my Arelat chapter. Good to see some new interior artists and I particularly liked the Lou Carcohl by relative newcomer Christian St Pierre (who was responsible for the lovely “Siege of Mistridge” piece that graces the cover).

Go see the dedicated “Faith and Flame” thread over at the Atlas Games Forums for more comments as we continue to discuss the supplement.

My copies still haven’t arrived in Oz sadly… even the line editor, David Chart, who lives in Japan usually gets his copies before me here in the Antipodes. 😦

ToC for Faith and Flame (Provencal) up

Lamia (Basque faerie)

We’re edging closer to the proposed June release date for Faith and Flame: the Provencal Tribunal. Some of the art is starting to trickle through, which is always fun as an author to see how the artists have interpreted some of your ideas that have up til now just been words in your head or on the screen of a word processing program.

The latest update is the release of a downloadable PDF of the Table of Contents on the Atlas Games site. Check it out for a sneak preview of what the supplement holds!

For example:

  • Background on the Albigensian Crusade
  • A whole chapter on Val Negra
  • The Basques and their sorginak witches
  • New Mercurian magic
  • A ton of Story Seeds

I’ll be closely watching what the comments are over at the forums here and working on the associated cut-files with the intent of posting some of the material here or submitting articles to Sub Rosa.

Provencal Tribunal Book Announced!

So finally, my third book for ArM5 is on its way (June)! There’s a fair bit of excitement over on the Atlas Games forums here, where a few tidbits have been spilled already by the Line Editor, David Chart:

  • ArM5 Provencal coverYes, that is Mistridge on the cover! But who is that figure standing in the doorway and what’s going on?
  • It’s a “standard” tribunal where pretty much all the assumptions from the corebook hold true.
  • There is a whole chapter about Val-Negra. Yeah!
  • Bellaquin is detailed, but the other ArM2/3 covenants have suffered from the devastating effects of the Albigensian Crusade.
  • Somewhat cryptically, David states that there is no covenant called Doissetep (insert disclaimer here) included… but I wonder what he means by that exactly?

Actually, to be honest, I know exactly what he means by that… but if I told you, I’d be breaching the NDA I signed a while back, which is frustrating but just the way it has to be.

I do however have an absolute load of Provencal related material leftover that was cut out during the playtest process or final word count check however, which  means I can start rearranging all that for inclusion on the blog and perhaps even trickling out some of the material over the coming months as a teaser of sorts…

Preview to Tales of Power Now Up!

I’ve been unwell and overloaded at work, hence the delay in updating. I’ve had to reschedule several projects in order to prioritise, including work on my fourth supplement.

In the interim, I’ve noticed a preview for Tales of Power has been posted over on the Atlas Games website. This means it’s only a while away, and although the release date is admittedly listed as May it’s still listed only for pre-order on Amazon.

I helped Marko write the City of Brass, but until the book comes out, I technically can’t comment any more than that except to say it’s a cracker of an adventure…