ArM5 Books Listed by Ability

I wrote this a while back when I was researching an article for Sub Rosa Magazine  dealing with the so-called Studia Arabicum (the corpus of Arabic books preserved in the east by the “House of Wisdom” that was subsequently translated into Latin by the so-called “Toledo School” in Spain and thereby entered into western European thought). It was meant to be part of a larger piece on Andalusia (in my opinion a woefully under treated and ignored potential sub-setting in the much-maligned ArM3 ToH: Iberia supplement).

The list deals only with books on Abilities (including those few texts dealing with Accelerated Abilities / non-Hermetic Arts), not Hermetic Arts and for the main reflects real texts. It includes a summary index of all the “Book Rules” scattered across the various supplements – there’s a lot more than you’d think.

The compiled Excel list (valid to 2009, including books from supplements up to an including Hedge Magic: Revised Edition) printed as a PDF was accepted by David and Michelle as a valuable contribution to the line a few years ago. It can be sourced from the Atlas Games website here as a free download (it’s a bit difficult to find admittedly).

The material therein complements Ben MacFarland’s 2012 “Off the Shelf” article and accompanying Book Index by Supplement in Sub Rosa #9 and also Ben’s “Real Books Made Mythic” article over at the old Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited site.


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