Andalusian Merinita and The Faerie Problem

Nearly all the Merinita magi in Andalusia belong to the Iberian branch of the Keepers of the Thousand Tales Mystery cult (see House of Hermes: Mystery Cults, “House Merinita” pages 81-81 for further details). As such, they may initiate the Charm Magic, Enchanting (Storytelling or Poetry) or Story Magic Virtues but may also have access to jinn dependent scripts that can empower them with Arcadian Travel and perhaps Becoming.

New Virtues and Flaws

The following Virtue is available to Andalusian magi of House Merinita and substitutes for their usual House Virtue of Faerie Magic. At the Troupe’s discretion it may also be applicable for some Ex-Miscellanea magi and other magi trained in the Levant.

The related Flaw is more generally applicable to Muslim magi from southern Iberia, the Levant or further afield, regardless of House affiliation.

Jinni Magic
Minor Virtue, Mystery

A character may not be initiated into this Andalusian House Merinita mystery unless he has been touched by the Jinn, the Faerie and Magical spirits native to Islamic folklore. This Virtue parallels the more common House Merinita Outer Mystery Virtue Faerie Magic (see ArM5 corebook, pages 92-93 and Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, pages 88-89). A character is considered touched by the Jinn if they have a Jinn themed version of a Faerie Virtue or Flaw or have gained a Warping point from a Faerie aligned Jinn source.

Possession of this Virtue automatically includes the effects of The Faerie Problem Minor Flaw (see below). In addition, many individuals with this Mystery suffer from the Short Lived Magic (Mu’addhin’s Call) or Vulnerable to Folk Tradition (Bismillah Invocation) Minor Supernatural Flaws or the Vulnerable Magic (Bismillah Invocation) Major Hermetic Flaw (see Houses of Hermes: Societates, pages 87-88 for details on these latter two Flaws).

Characters initiated into Jinni Magic are attuned to both Magical auras and Faerie auras associated with the Jinn, being immune to Warping and gaining the full benefits from both types of aura. Similarly, magic cast by the individual is considered a Faerie power, just like the the magic of individuals with Faerie Magic.

Initiates of this Outer Mystery gain access to the following selection of special Ranges, Durations and Targets: Bargain, Until (Condition) and Bloodline (detailed in ArM5, pages 92-92 in the “Merinita: Faerie Magic” section). In addition, they are able to use a handful of Parameters otherwise only available to Holy Companions: Recitation and Faith (detailed in Realms of Power: the Divine, page 68).

Choosing this Virtue confers the Ability Jinni Magic 1 which substitutes for Faerie Magic for other mechanical purposes involving Faerie jinn.

The Faerie Problem
Minor Flaw, Hermetic

Your training in the ways of Faerie has been primarily in the lands of Islam: Andalusia, Egypt, the Levant or farther afield. Although you have great familiarity with Faerie, Infernal and Magical Jinn, you are not experienced with the Faeries of northwestern Europe (essentially those Faerie creatures native to all Tribunals except parts of eastern Thebes, the Levant, the Mythic Middle East and North Africa).

To represent your discomfort in these areas, you do not add the strength of the aura in these settings for any roll dealing with supernatural powers aligned to the Magic realm, instead of adding half the strength of the aura (see the Realm Interaction Table, ArM5 page 183).

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